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Helpful Instructions on How to Craft Essay in 24 hours

‘Completing a standard essay in 24 hours?’ Not many students can wrap their minds around this, considering the trouble that some of them face in discourse writing. The good news is that it is actually possible to start and complete a quality monograph in two days. This does not by any means imply that one should work round the clock or without a break. It just means that with proper planning and preparation, one is able to complete this seemingly daunting task without much sweat. A discourse is supposed to be interesting to read and this can only come through proper articulation of ideas. If one is writing for academic purposes, the objectives of the paper must be met and the relevant questions answered. At Weekly Essay our job is to make your essay shine. Well, for those wondering how to prepare and complete such an engaging monograph in 24 hours and still find time to shut an eyelid, the following are helpful instructions.

  • Determine the purpose of the discourse: Before one even decides on the topic, they should first decide the purpose of writing. Is it meant to be persuasive or informative? From this point, it becomes easier to choose a suitable topic geared towards the same purpose.
  • Read relevant materials: This kind of writing requires one to be well equipped with relevant details. Presenting a discourse argument especially if it is meant to be persuasive, calls for thorough familiarity with the subject. Essay writing gets hard?. Again, given such a short period to complete the monograph, one may not have time to keep referring so details should be at the finger tips.
  • Write from whichever angle: Sometimes it is hard to write systematically from introduction to the body then conclusion. To make work easier, one can just draft the main points in each section then start filling in the details from whichever angle. The most important thing is to ensure that at the end of the writing, there is a consistent flow or ideas.