Basic Essay Writing Guidelines: Popular Essay Formats and Types

Essays can sometimes be very complicated even for experienced college students. Below is a list of different types this academic paper.

Expository Essays

This type of assignment entails examining an idea, assessing the evidence, presenting the idea and supporting your presentation with a claim. They are mostly written in contrast and comparison, example, definition and the analysis of effects and cause. The structure followed by expository paper is, within your first paragraph you should have a broad and clear thesis statement. The statement should be narrow and should follow the assignment’s guidelines. Secondly, the transitions within your introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs should be clear and flow. Transitions create logical paths for readers to follow. Every paragraph should have evidence that supports your thesis statement. Don’t discussing more than one idea in each paragraph to avoid confusion. Include your evidence to back up your thesis statement.

Descriptive Essays

In this case you are asked to describe something. It will be easy for you first to brainstorm and jot down certain descriptive details. Write down words that describe details that you will probably use in the assignment. You will have to paint a picture in the readers mind i.e. hair color, eye color or skin tone. In case you are describing a beach include the sounds you heard and things you smelled and tasted. Avoid using sentences like I was sad, instead use tears filled my eyes, and my chin quivered. This will paint a clear picture in the reader's mind and emotionally connect with them. Keep the work organized so as not to lose your reader. They are mostly used in elementary school, language arts classes or creative writing lessons.

Narrative Essays

They entail the telling of some form of a story. There are two types; book reports and short stories. Short stories formats include characters, plot, setting, etc. Book reports are informative narratives about the book not retelling the entire book. It must have a point. Select your point of view for the task and stick to it.

Persuasive Essays

This is more similar to expository one because you explore a topic, collect and evaluate evidence. The only difference is that in a persuasive paper you are to take a stand for or against your topic. You must also give your opinion on the evidence and the topic.